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Muscle Bodies, Episode 2

During work on episodes 1 and 2, a detailed outline of a 24-26 episode series was worked out.

ScumpNews was a parody of the Canadian Sun News Network which went out of business after this episode was completed. Elby Fontaine is based on Ezra Levant who went on to create the right-wing Rebel Media.

The episode opens outside the village of Komoka, Ontario.

The scene of zombies attacking in Byron was intended to establish that even though bodybuilder zombies are a silly threat, the consequences are serious.

The sound effect for the police car didn't work and most sound effects are going to be done by voice from now on, to match the quality of the artwork.

When I was editing the episode I thought the crosstalk between Earl and Jane was funny but became so attached to the idea of the crosstalk, I didn't edit it effectively. Lesson learned.

The route map for this episode: