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The chief is a parody of controversial, former London Police Cheif Julian Fantino. At the time of this post, Fantino is involved in launching a company to sell pot in the legalized marijuana market after spending a career jailing people for it.

This episode opens at the intersection of Oxford and Wonderland in London, Ontario.

Shooting these 'zombies' in the head does not stop them.


The original script for episode 4 contained a lot of explanatory dialogue and very little action. It was thrown out in favour of a story that focused more on the escape from the city.

In the original episode 4 script, Mack gave out advice based on the Zombie Survival Guide to relatives over the phone. He told them to shelter on the second floor of their houses and knock out their stairs. At the end of the episode, the gang witnessed zombies crawling up the outside of a house and realized that hiding upstairs was futile. This scene was ditched in favour of the police confrontation at the start of the episode to show that these are not Hollywood, undead zombies.

The route map for this episode:


The episode hit 10,000 views the week of Dec. 25/17.