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Muscle Bodies Updates

MAY 29, 2018

Episode 6 is complete and posted. It was delayed by winter colds and flu that forced me to rerecord the audio several times. As this is the 6th of 24 episodes, the series is 1/4 along and the plot picks up speed from here on in.

JANUARY 16, 2018

Episode 5 is finished and about to go up and episodes 6 & 7 will start production immediately (both are set on the farm, so a lot of work can be done on both at the same time).

DECEMBER 25, 2017

Welcome to the first series update!

Episode 4 had almost 10,000 views in it's first two months and that's motivated me to put some more work into the show and create this website. At the current rate of 1 episode per year, it would take almost 25 years to get to the end ... so that's gotta speed up!

Episode 5 is well into production with a completed script, lots of new artworks and a couple of minutes of animation completed. Work on that will speed up after the holidays.

Scripts for episodes 6 & 7 are done and those will be done together, as they take place in the same locations.

Scripts for episodes 8 & 9 are mostly done as well as chunks of the episodes that follow. There's a detailed outline that takes the series to its end (approx. 23 episodes), but the full number of episodes may change because some episodes may be split or combined.

While a source of revenue would help speed up production of the show, I'm wary of Patreon because I'm concerned about the amount of work required to provide rewards and worried that viewers won't get value from their contribution if they end up waiting a year for an episode. The ads on this site are an attempt to bring in a small amount of money to keep production moving. If the show ever gets close to the end, a Patreon campaign might make sense to provide a big push to the end.

That's all. The goal for 2018 is to try to invest more time into getting this going. The story builds slowly and it's barely begun!

Questions? Comments? Email: info@brettlamb.com